Illustration, Design and Photography by Tim Jepson

Tim Jepson Artist Bio

Thank you for visiting my online folio. Here you will find examples of my illustration, design, web design and photography work. I am available to work on a variety of projects from computer-based to traditonal painting and sculpture. Although my background is in design and illustration, I have a degree from the University of Otago in Art History and Film Studies. I have also been employed by several Museums working in a variety of positions from retail to installation and exhibit design.

As an illustrator, I have developed a unique style merging tactile methods with digital rendering. To create my Dream Drawings I hand draw the image and shade it accordingly. I then create various water color, tea/ink stained paper backgrounds and blend them together in Adobe Photoshop resulting in a unique piece of digital artwork unlike any other artists. For non-digital work I prefer the water color medium because of its subtle nature and I also enjoy acrylic painting. I have a diploma in illustration from the National School of Business Studies in Christchurch New Zealand and I have continued to develop my skills over the past ten years.

As a designer, I have over ten years of freelance experience working for various non-profits and small businesses. I have a dimploma in Computer-Aided Graphic Design from the National School of Design and Technology in New Zealand. As well as traditional methods I currently use Adobe programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator for the bulk of my work.

As a web designer, I have created three websites (including this one) and worked on several e-commerce sites updating content and revising copy for SEO. I was also the Web Coordinator at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego managing the online store. I am familiar with HTML, CSS and I use Adobe Dreamweaver for the bulk of my web work.

As a photographer, I have chosen to seek out and photograph broken down old cars and trucks as my subject matter. There is something appealing to me about nature reclaiming machines and I am still in the process of exploring this. I am a self-taught photographer but I plan to take some courses in the near future.

If you would like to work with me on a project, please contact me via e-mail: E-mail Tim Jepson

To view more of my work, please visit: Studio Tapu for examples of fine art and sculpture.

Also visit my: Art Blog to keep up with all the latest projects I have been working on.