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As an educational technologist, my focus is to determine how best to integrate technology tools and strategies into curriculum to enhance pedagogy and/or create entirely new learning environments. I am accomplished at creating and developing educational media for students and educators. Using the ADDIE model, I can leverage technology to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate program instruction to ensure continuous improvement. I believe students achieve their greatest potential when curriculum is student-focused, research-based, technology-rich, and morally informed. Students using the inaturalist app. To help guide my technology integration design and implementation, I look to the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) and the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) for guidance. Technology has reshaped our society and our education systems must adapt so that learning is relevant to the needs of the modern student. I am determined to share my knowledge of technology with learners and educators alike to ensure learning is authentic, engaging, fun, and ultimately valuable to the learner.

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Tim Jepson

Tim Jepson is an educational technologist based in San Diego and a graduate of the Boise State Master of Educational Technology program. Originally from Dunedin, New Zealand, Tim moved to California with his wife Lauren in 2008 and became a US citizen in 2018. When he is not working or volunteering as an instructor with the Rosa Parks Elementary School Robotics Club, Tim enjoys creative pursuits like photography, wood carving, and drawing. He spends the rest of his spare time with family, friends, and his two Boston terriers (Molly and Boss). Although Tim enjoys learning about new emerging technologies and trends, he is careful to find a balance in his work between technology and nature. The School in the Park Program
Tim has worked in Balboa Park as an educational technologist, for the School in the Park program, since 2011. School in the Park (SITP), is a program which brings students from San Diego’s inner city to Balboa Park. At the park, students engage in authentic learning activities and take advantage of the galleries, habitats, and unique resources in the various museums and cultural institutions, including the Old Globe Theatre, the San Diego Natural History Museum, and the San Diego Zoo among others. The program is not a field trip. Rather, it is a continuation of the school day for the students and therefore it is held to the same academic standards as any school. The program has been developing innovative learning experiences and curricula, free to the public to to use and adapt, since 1998. Learn more about SITP at www.schoolinthepark.net
Tim Jepson As the Technology Facilitator for SITP, Tim’s responsibilities grew over time to include overseeing the technology implementation and development within the program, staff training, tech-focused professional development (PD), tech research & purchase recommendations, troubleshooting daily technology issues, and the development of educational multimedia and scaffolding materials for instruction. Learn more about Tim’s EdTech projects on the Experience Page of this website.
OlGlobe Students perform and record their play. Rosa Parks Robotics Club
Through his connection with Rosa Parks Elementary School staff, Tim began volunteering as an instructor in the Junior Robotics Club. Students in the club learn to program using C, the same coding language used by computer scientists, and build robots for competition in the local BotBall meetups. As an instructor, Tim helps students troubleshoot the issues they encounter, develops scaffolding materials and training tutorials, and has begun developing a club model to help facilitate the creation of more robotics clubs in the Hoover Cluster schools. Robotics Club students programing an educational robot. Robotics Club students programing an educational robot. Robotics Club students programing an educational robot. Graphic Design & Illustration
Before joining the staff at SITP, Tim worked as a graphic designer and web developer for several San Diego museums. The skills he learned as a graphic designer inform his creative abilities to produce educational media and use industry tools, like the Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Pro X. Below are some examples of design and illustration projects Tim created. Illustration by Tim Jepson. Early Indian Motorcycle Diagram Troll watercolor by Tim Jepson. Bone & Wood Carving
As mentioned earlier, Tim has several creative hobbies, including photography, bone & wood carving, painting, and drawing. He learned the traditional art of bone carving while in high school and has maintained the hobby developing his skills ever since. Tim has sold bone carvings to patrons all over the world, including France, Germany, Canada, the USA, and New Zealand. He has recently become interested in developing his wood carving skills with intentions of creating larger scale sculptures. Find examples of Tim’s bone/wood carving work at www.studiotapu.com. Panther bone carving by Tim Jepson. Bone carving made by Tim Jepson. Wood carving of a whale made by Tim Jepson. Digital Photography
As an amateur photographer, Tim is drawn to photographing people, nature, and he has a particular fascination for old broken-down rusty vehicles. Driven to document these relics as the intersection of technology and nature, Tim never misses an opportunity to hunt for decaying vehicles during his travels to new cities and countries. Below are some examples of Tim’s photography. Stillwater farm old rusty truck. Photo by Tim Jepson. Rusty car in Minnesota. Photo by Tim Jepson. rusty old truck in Minnesota. Photo by Tim Jepson Learn more about educational technology projects, Tim has developed, on the Experience Page.


Tim spent several years getting a crash-course in educational technology, museum education, and traditional classroom education at School in the Park. Learn more about SITP on the About Page. SITP students with Balboa park map. Collaborating with a diverse spectrum of educators, technologists, administrators, teaching artists, fine artists, scientists, historians, and even zoo-keepers, Tim found his place developing technology-rich projects with the charity-funded program. Below are several case studies of edtech projects that Tim helped to develop as well as multimedia work he collaborated on.

7th grade Old Globe - Graphic Design Poster Project
3rd grade History Center - Mapping GPS/Google Earth Project SITP students using Promethean Board. 4th grade A&S Posters or 4th theNAT 5th grade Old Globe - Trailer Projects Rebranding SITP Scaffolding Materials and Resources Video Projects: Program-wide PreVisit Video Project Software Tutorials Career Connections Videos Staff Tech Integration (Google Drive, Photos, Facilitator iPads) Augmented Reality Project

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Academic Record
Boise State University, Idaho, USA — Masters in Educational Technology
MARCH 2018

Boise State University, Idaho, USA — Graduate Certificate Technology Integration Specialist

University of Otago, New Zealand— Bachelor of Arts
Double Major: Art History and Theory, Film and Media Studies
Minor: Religious Studies
JULY 2006

National School of Business Studies, New Zealand — Diploma in Illustration

National College of Design, New Zealand — Diploma in Computer Aided Graphic Design
MARCH 2001

Boise State Projects

As a postgraduate student studying educational technology, Tim developed several research papers and a variety of projects across a diverse spectrum of technology tools. Below you will find examples of those essays and projects. STEMcraft map. An educational Minecraft game. StemCraft

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